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Our Projects

We are focused in three mountain states of Indian Himalaya i.e., Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. The main focus areas are sustainable agriculture, energy, water, biodiversity & ecosystem services and capacity development.

1. Development Projects

Agriculture: As part of our agriculture program our main focus is on sustainable agriculture. Our approach is landscape rather than farm based. We follow the principles of permaculture. We are into agriculture research, capacity development and extension of best practices.

We are promoting climate smart agriculture as part of climate adaptation strategies for the mountain agriculture and minimize carbon emission from agricultural practices. Promotion of passive solar energy in higher mountain areas is also being done.


Energy: Our main goal is to make mountain kitchen smokeless by promoting low cost smokeless and energy efficient stoves. This apart, renewable energy like biogas and solar energy are also the core focus areas.


Water: Clean drinking water facilities through recharge of traditional springs, filtration of water and management of micro watersheds.

Eco-tourism: Village tourism to connect the general public to agriculture. This makes tourism affordable and helps in improving the livelihoods of the community. Responsible tourism is promoted by us.

2. Research Projects

Agriculture - Research related to climate smart agriculture, companion planting, crop rotation, pollination, organic farming, etc., are the focus.

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services - Documentation of biodiversity (both flora & fauna) and ecosystem services and the potential risks are being documented for each landscape under study.

Climate Change - Impact of climate change on flora and agriculture and phenology of selected crops and wild flora . 

3. Capacity Development Programmes

CHINAR offers a wide range of capacity development programmes:

* Project Development & Management;  * Sustainable Agriculture;

* Participatory Rural Appraisal;             * Biodiversity Assessment;

* Watershed Management;     * Documentation & Communication;

For more details write to us: 

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